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Man dies after chopping off his manhood with scissors

A 55-year-old man has died after chopping off his manhood in Ngerwe village, Kibugu area, Embu county.

Mr Dominic Mugo, a farmer, severed his manhood with a pair of scissors early Monday morning and died due to excessive bleeding as he was being rushed to hospital.

Shocked villagers said they heard loud cries coming from the deceased’s home only to find him unconscious, lying in a pool of blood while clutching on a pair of scissors.

Embu North Deputy County Commissioner, Jeremiah Tumo said the villagers quickly summoned a car to rush Mr Mugo to the Embu Level Five hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

He said they suspect the man, who was a habitual bhang smoker, did the shocking act due to a mental problem associated with the drug use.

Mr Mugo’s body has since been moved to Gakwegori Mortuary.


The administrator said police have already launched investigations into the man’s death.

“It is true that the man chopped off his manhood in what appears to have been mental problem associated with drugs use. Members of public said they were scared of the man since he has a history of being violent. The incident, though sad, is a learning experience that drug use is not good,” he said.

Mr Tumo said they are working with members of community policing and the Nyumba Kumi initiative to weed out bhang peddlers from the area where drug abuse is deeply entrenched.

He further revealed that a suspected drug peddler is being probed after he was found to have been in constant phone communication with a student of a school which was hit by student unrest last month.