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Man collapses and dies after receiving news of daughter-in-law’s death

A family in Siaya county has been struck by a double tragedy after their patriarch collapsed and died on receiving news of his daughter-in-law’s death.

The man is reported to have suffered a heart attack shortly after receiving news of his daughter-in-law’s death during a caesarean section at local hospital.

A new twist has further been added to the incident with the deceased woman’s husband blaming the hospital in question for his wife’s death on March 29.

Leonard Odongo claims the hospital performed an unscheduled caesarean section on his spouse without his consent and failed to inform him of his wife’s death on the operating table.

But what pains him most is the fact that he only got the news of the death of wife, who used to work at the hospital, from a friend who is also an employee of the same hospital.


“When my cousin called me, I thought I was going to sign consent forms for the surgery, but when I got there, I found another woman lying on the bed that I had left her on. That is when my cousin pulled me outside and told me Valentine was no more,” Odongo narrated.

He also claims his wife, Valentine, didn’t have any complications and neither was the procedure an emergency.

Odongo is now demanding to know why the hospital took his wife to the theatre before the scheduled date when it was not an emergency and without informing him or allowing him to sign consent papers.

These are questions whose answers the bereaved husband is yet to get with the hospital management claiming are still auditing the deceased’s case to establish the cause of her death.

Meanwhile, the family, friends and relatives of deceased are now arranging for the burial of not one, but two of their kin.