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Man drugged and robbed of Sh80,000 on a bus by fellow passenger

A passenger is counting losses after he was reportedly drugged and robbed of his valuables by a fellow passenger in a Tahmeed bus as he was travelling from Mombasa to Nairobi. The victim identified as Titus Omondi was robbed of Sh80,000 in cash and also from his M-Pesa account.

According to Mr Omondi, he woke up in a hospital bed and the only thing he could remember was that the suspect switched seats to sit next to him a few minutes before he blacked out.

As they were travelling, the suspect asked Mr Omondi to assist him with some drinking water. He kindly obliged and offered a bottle of water he had just bought during the stopover at Mtito Andei. To return the favour, his seatmate offered him some biscuits.

“When we got to Mtito Andei I took food and bought two bottles of water. A passenger who had sat at seat number 37 came and sat next to me on seat 32. He asked for a bottle of water and later he gave me a biscuit. I can’t remember what happened after I ate the biscuit,” told Nairobi News.

Mr Omondi claims that when he reported the matter to the bus company, the officials dismissed his report, saying there is nothing they could do about it.

“I asked them to call the person because they have his number but they said they cannot do anything at the moment. I’m pleading with the police to come to my rescue and ensure justice is served,” Omondi added.

A cousin of Mr Omondi is also faulting the bus company for not taking responsibility for what happed to his kin.

“We have all along trusted this company but what happened on Sunday is so disheartening,” he said.

Nairobi News has however established that the incident was reported at Huruma Police Station instead of Central Police Station as they had been directed by officers at the Kamukunji Police Station. Tahmeed management failed to respond to enquiries from Nairobi News on the matter.