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Man dumps Tanzanian wife-to-be in hotel room after being denied sex

A man has dumped two Tanzanian women in a guest house in Eldoret in a suspected case of human trafficking.

Violet Johnhanson, 22, and Nyang’ole Lucas, 29, both residents of Kahama, Tanzania, say the man abandoned them after Violet turned down his request for unprotected sex.


The Nation found the two seeking police help at the Baharini Police Post, three kilometres from the Eldoret town centre. The women claimed they agreed to leave Tanzania after the man, whose identity is yet to be established, promised to marry Violet.

According to Violet, the man approached her in a hotel in Sirare, on the border of Kenya and Tanzania, where he expressed his interest in marrying her.

“We got acquainted and after having a good conversation, he asked if I could marry him,” she said.

She said she fell for the man’s lie after realising that they were both recovering from broken relationships.

“He told me that his ex-wife stole Sh1 million from him and felt I should give him a chance since I was fed up with being single.”

She said she gave in to the man’s request on condition that he visit her parents and introduce himself.

“In the evening, at the same hotel, he had second thoughts and told me to visit his parents in Kenya, instead.”

And with that, the two left Sirare for Eldoret, where Violet’s newfound love said he had his roots and a home.

Nyang’ole, Violet’s friend, said she decided to accompany them to ensure her safety.

“I have heard of many stories concerning Tanzanian women being brought to Kenya by Kenyan men in the name of marriage only to be neglected,” she said.

“I wanted to make sure that my friend was safe and later inform her parents of her whereabouts.”


However, things did not go as planned, as the man booked a guest house in Maili Nne, a few kilometres from Eldoret, instead of taking his love to his parents’ home.

“First, he wanted the three of us to share one room, but I resisted so he was forced to take another room,” said Violet.

She said their ‘love’ bond was put to test after he insisted to have unprotected sex with her, a request she resisted on the grounds that they both get tested for HIV.

“He was so disappointed and annoyed with me that he got out of the room and later came back to pick up his briefcase claiming that he was going to collect some money from a nearby ATM. That was the last time I saw him,” she added.

Well-wishers directed the two to the police station, where they reported the incident and sought help.


Eldoret West police boss Samuel Mutunga said his officers were looking for the man, who had registered at the Makuti pub using the fake name Livondo.

“We are also going to question the owner of the guest house as to why people book rooms there without proper identification and also urge him to assist in tracing the man,” said Mr Mutunga.