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Man dumps wife for ‘being a serial gossiper’

A man in Hola, Tana River County has dumped his wife claiming she is a serial gossiper.

Josephat decided to end the marriage because he had had enough of the wife’s gossiping character that has been breaking families.

In an interview, Josephat said the mother of his four children had found it difficult to settle at home “and do something constructive”, and instead her name featured in almost all quarrels in homesteads.

“Whenever people quarreled, be it couples or friends, each would mention my wife’s name,” he said.


Further, he said the wife’s character had brought him a lot of shame among his friends and peers, something that had turned him into a laughing stock.

He said even their matrimonial secrets were not spared.

Jospehat said it is such shame that had pushed him to make the decision after efforts to change his wife’s ways bore no fruits.

“She never listens. You tell her to stop this but she has a loose tongue and is very argumentative. She will defend her wrong position knowing very well people are tearing each other apart. Families are breaking out here,” said Jillo.


Jillo’s decision has thrown the wife into a panic mode, prompting her to seek the services of “prayer warriors” to cast out a “demon” she claims has attacked her house.

Members of her family told this reporter that the woman has been regretting her actions and now wants her husband to return home, promising to change.

Meanwhile, elders from the wife’s side have reached out to elders from Josephat’s side to plead with him to forgive his wife.