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Man excites social media after cancelling wedding plans to cheating girlfriend

By Sylvania Ambani September 23rd, 2022 2 min read

Would you give an official communication to invited guests of your wedding when something happens that stops the wedding from taking place?

Very few people would. But one Malawian man did just that after he found out that his bride-to-be was having an affair with another man.

According to the groom, Dennis Mzumara, his fiancée, Ilonge Chiulika, has been having an affair with a man with whom she works since 2018 to date.

“Dear all the forthcoming wedding between Dennis Mzumara and Ilonge Chiulika which was scheduled to take place on September 2canceleas been cancelled. The wedding has been cancelled for the sole reason that Ilonge Chiulika has been cheating with Andrew Mhango since 2018 up to now. Andrew Muhango is a married person and works with Mzuzu High Court as an ICT officer while Ilonge Chiulika works with Mzuzu High Court as a court clerk,” the groom said in the statement.

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All this was found out after the woman was questioned by their pastor in the presence of family members.

“Upon questioned (sic) by our pastor in the presence of all family members, Ilonge admitted that she has been going out with Andrew since 2018 and this made her family members to withdraw from anything pertaining to the wedding of Dennis and Ilonge saying their daughter is a disgrace hence they can’t allow her to go into the holy matrimony,” the statement further reads.

A screenshot of the announcement.  PHOTO | COURTESY

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The groom concluded by apologizing to friends and family members for the decision and all the inconveniences caused.

Here are some of the reactions the announcement attracted on social media:

“Nyinyi watu wa corridors mnaharibu ndoa za watu hahahaha,” one online user said.

“Kuna kitu yenye sisi hatujui. Ulizeni Lilian wa Juliani,” another online user wrote.

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“Eish Watu wako na mchezo. But at the same time why did she entertain her workmate? I say this and I will always repeat myself. Having an affair with a workmate is like peeing in a room because whether you like it or not it’s going to smell, and when it does everything everyone will smell it whenever they enter that room. You don’t shit where your bread comes from. It’s gonna cost you one way or the other,” one user advised.

“Let them fix the Nation! Alarr,” another one commented.

“Sijui kama umeona family members ndio have withdrawn… it is terrible! Hii nayo nikuchoma on another level,” another online user said.

“Court clerks are under siege we don’t take this lightly,” one online user said.