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Man exhumes and dumps sister-in-law’s body outside his ex-wife’s home

Police officers in Migori County are in pursuit of a 60-year-old man who is suspected to have exhumed the body of his sister-in-law.

The man whose identity is yet to be revealed then dumped the body of Ms Joan Apondi outside the home of his wife, Ms Monica Adhiambo, with whom he is reported to have parted ways three years ago over family wrangles.

“He came and dumped the body right outside my door. He had stashed the body inside a sack before ferrying it here,” Ms Adhiambo said.

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The woman said that the suspect had already threatened her of dire consequences if she fails to take him back.

It has also emerged that the deceased woman had not been married and that the man had offered to have the body buried in his land. The agreement was made between the man and his in-laws.

The mother of the deceased woman, Ms Susan Otieno, said she is waiting for the direction of police on the matter, adding that she is willing to bury the remains of her daughter in her own land.

Kakaro North sub location Assistant chief Mr Joel Amwenya said the matter is now under investigation.

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“We were made aware of the matter and already investigations are ongoing. The suspect is at large but we shall get hold of him,” Mr Amwenya said.

A month ago, a man in in Timau, Meru County allegedly exhumed his dead’s wife remains with the aim of selling his land.

Robert Marangu, the owner of the land, is said to have sought the help of locals to exhume the body of his wife Joyce Kanyua who died in 2021 after a land buyer said he couldn’t buy the land with a grave on it.

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