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Man jailed for stealing cooking oil, rice

A Nairobi court has sentenced a man to a year in jail after he admitted to shoplifting because he was starving.

Mr Alvin Linus Chivondo, 22, had asked the Milimani law courts to pardon him after he was found guilty of lifting items at Naivas supermarket.

He was found guilty of stealing 5kgs of rice, 5 litres of cooking oil, and 2kgs of sugar, among other items valued at Sh3,165.

He reportedly stole the items on April 10.

The court also heard that the accused was a repeat offender.

Chief Magistrate Ms Wendy Kagendo noted she’d pardoned four other suspects for shoplifting from the same supermarket which has been targeted by shoplifters in recent times.

“The accused is being dishonest, he’s made a habit of shoplifting. The court will not be lenient to deter him and others from reaping where they have not sowed,” said Ms Kagendo.

Chivondo was handed an option of paying a fine of Sh100,000 to avoid jail.