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UPDATE: Man’s death in Kasarani apartment shrouded in mystery

Residents of Sunton estate in Kasarani and the police have given conflicting reports on the circumstances surrounding the death of man who was  found in a pool of blood on Sunday morning outside an apartment building.

According to some residents, the man, who they say was 17-year-old, died after he reportedly fell off the third floor of the apartment.

Other residents on the other hand claim that the man may have been assaulted and murdered and didn’t fall off the building as reported.

There were also claims that the man, later only identified as Kim, is known among the area residents but was not living in the apartment where he was initially said to have fallen off.

These accounts contradicts reports from the police who maintain that the victim was a thief who fell off the fourth floor of the building while trying to flee after he was found stealing clothes from the apartment’s roof top.

Kasarani OCPD Robinson Mboloi also said the victim was 22 years old.

As at the time of publishing this story police in Kasarani had not collected the body of the victim which had head and neck injuries.