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Man fined Sh 9 million for having two wives

A man has been fined more than Sh 9 million after his first wife discovered that he had another wife.

A Court in South Korea ordered the 39 year old man to pay Sh 9 million to his first wife for having a second spouse.

The man married his first wife in 2010 but three years later married another woman whom he met in 2009.

For his second wedding, the man went ahead to hire people to pretend to be his family and friends.

The man often told his first wife that he had to go on business trips, but went to see the second wife.


Later, he said he had got a weekday job in another city and began his double life. He has two daughters, one from each wife.

The first wife discovered the second wife and daughter when she used her husband’s smartphone last June. The court had that, the man then attacked the first wife while he was taking his phone back and disappeared the next day.

The man had also taken out a loan based on the estimated Sh 12 million apartment that he shared with the first wife.

The court accepted the divorce suit and ordered the man to give his first wife 100 million won.

The court said in its ruling that the man was mainly responsible for the collapse of the marriage by having a double life. It concluded by saying that, it was understood the wife is psychologically traumatized by his misbehavior.