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Man fined Sh40k for failing to dig grave after pocketing Sh15k

A man accused of pocketing sh15,000 and failing to dig a grave was on Monday fined sh40, 000 by a Nakuru court or in default spend 11 months behind bars.

Joseph Waweru appeared before Principal Magistrate Liz Gicheha to face charges of obtaining money by false presence.

The court heard that the accused received the money from Jane Nyambura on October 26 last year after he presented himself as an experienced grave digger who promised to undertake the grave digging task at a cost of sh30, 000.

Ms Nyambura required the accused to dig her daughter’s grave who had passed on.


The court heard that the two agreed that the accused be given a deposit of Sh15, 000 then the other half would be paid on completion of the task.

However, when the accused received the money he went missing and did not go back to perform the job, forcing the complainant to hire services of another person.

Ms Nyambura told the court that Mr Waweru disappeared after he received the money and she could not reach him on phone.

“He was arrested on January 21, this year after the complainant spotted him and sought help from members of the public to take him to Bondeni police station,” prosecution told court.

Ms Nyambura required the accused to pay back her money since she had since hired services of another party.


In his defence, Mr Waweru claimed he did not have the money because he used it to buy grave digging equipment and get his mother treated when she fell ill.

“I did not disappear, besides I used some of the money to take my mother to hospital after she fell ill and used the rest to buy equipment for the job,” the accused told court.

The accused admitted to the charges before court.

He was fined sh40, 000 from which the court directed sh15,000 be used to pay back the complainant, in default serve an 11 months jail term.