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Man fined Sh60,000 for bhang, chang’aa

By Joseph Ndunda February 3rd, 2022 1 min read

An illegal brew and bhang vendor has been fined Sh60,000 for possession of the prohibited substances by a Kibera law court.

Hillary Atsenga will in default serve five months in jail for selling the items at City Park in Nairobi.

Atsenga pleaded guilty to charges of possession of five rolls of bhang worth Sh250 and was fined Sh20,000 for it where in default he will serve a two months jail term.

He admitted he had the bhang in contravention of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances Act of 1994.

In the second count, Atsenga admitted that he had 20 litres of Chang’aa in a plastic jerrican.

He was fined Sh40,000 or serve a three months imprisonment term.

Atsenga was accused of possession of illicit brews which did not conform to the standard of distillation and packaging which he also admitted.

The court heard that undercover police officers from Parklands police station spotted Atsenga conveying the changaa which was on his motorcycle.

They intercepted him and upon a quick search, they recovered the five rolls of bhang from his pockets. He was arrested and taken to the police station where the charges were preferred against him.

Prosecution counsel Mr. Jonah Meroka produced the bhang and chang’aa as exhibits before the court.

Senior principal magistrate Philip Mutua passed the sentences immediately Atsenga agreed with evidence produced by Mr. Meroka.