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Man ‘hands over’ his adulterous wife to her lover after catching them pants down – VIDEO

A startling video has emerged on social media reveling the ‘diplomatic’ option one man took after stumbling on his wife in their matrimonial bed with another man.

In an interesting twist of events, rather than rather resorting to violence and direct conflict with the adulterous duo, the offended husband instead opted for a civil resolution to the love triangle.

In the undated clip doing the rounds on social media, the man is seen ‘handing over’ his wife to the man who is stark naked, as witnesses watch and record the bizarre incident using their cellphones.


“I’m kindly asking you to take good care of my wife,” the offended man calmly says to the busted man who avoids the cameras.

“I believe you have found her to be pretty, with good clothes, and well-kept hair. Please take care of her very well so that other men will also come and sleep with her and you feel what I’m feeling right now,” he continues.

The meeting ends with the offended husband asking a pastor to pray for the new union.

Interestingly, the video clip does not capture the adulterous wife.