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Man in court for stealing 10 chairs

A man reported having stolen 10 chairs at the community policing office in Nairobi has denied theft charges at the Kibera law courts.

Gideon Khaemba was separately charged with assaulting his neighbour, breaking into a house, and causing malicious damage.

He is accused of assaulting Moses Ndung’u on April 30, at the community policing offices.

Khaemba was accused of breaking into the community policing offices with intent to steal and stole the chairs worth Sh7000 on April 30.

The suspect was also accused of wilfully and unlawfully destroying two chairs at Ndung’u’s house which sired the charges of malicious damage to property.

Khaemba is said to have assaulted Ndung’u after he reported him to the community policing elders. Ndung’u had reported that Khaemba was threatening him.

Khaemba denied all the charges before chief magistrate Joyce Gandani and claimed that the complainant is humiliating and intimidating him because he is an orphan.

He accused Ndung’u and the community policing officials of calling him a mad man.

Gandani ordered him to be mentally examined.

He was freed on a Sh50,000 bond and an alternative cash bail of Sh30,000.

The case will be mentioned on June 10.