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Man in trouble for destroying house in domestic brawl

A man is facing charges of malicious damage to property after destroying his neighbour’s roof as he bid to gain entry into her house to ‘seek ‘revenge’ following a domestic brawl.

Clinton Laty Tete is accused of destroying two roofing iron sheets belonging to Karara Ayuma’s house in Raila slums in Langata, Nairobi on August 23.

He is also accused of assaulting his wife Mary Awinja and threatening to kill her on the same date.

Ayuma, 65, was in her house when she heard a commotion outside and went to check only to find Tete assaulting his wife, and intervened but was wrestled to the ground.

She returned to her house after the failed rescue mission.

Angered by her action, Tete left shortly threatening to return with a weapon and hack anyone he would find at the scene.

He allegedly knocked at Ayuma’s house daring her for a fight but she ignored him prompting Tete to allegedly scale the house to the roof to break in.

Ayuma’s neighbours intervened and pleaded with Tete to leave her alone.

His wife, who escaped after she left to get the weapon, reported the incident to the police and went to seek treatment.

Tete was arrested within the slum. He denied all the charges. He told the senior resident magistrate Renee Kitangwa through a lawyer that he has resolved his dispute with his wife and she was willing to withdraw the case even though she was not in court.

He appealed for lenient bail and bond terms.

But Kitangwa said she was careful because cases of domestic violence are getting rampant and she also took the death threats seriously.

The magistrate gave Tete an option of remaining in police custody until Friday for his wife to confirm to the court about their claimed reconciliation which he rejected.

He was released on a Sh200,000 bond with a surety and alternative cash bail of Sh100,000.