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Monster shamba boy jailed for 105 years for sodomising three boys

A 40-year-old farmhand has been jailed for 105 years after being found guilty of sodomising three boys in Kanjau village, Makengi area of Embu County.

Senior Resident Magistrate Vincent Nyakundi ruled that the prosecution had proved that Paul Karunga Mugambi had indeed defiled the boys aged between nine and 12 years inside a forest and his bathroom.

The court heard how the accused used to lure the boys with doughnuts and free rides on his ox-drawn carriage and upon reaching a secluded forested area, he would forcefully bundle them on the ground and defile them.

He was charged with intentionally and unlawfully causing his genital organ, the penis to penetrate the genital organ “anus” of the three boys.


Mr Nyakundi convicted Mugambi for 35 years for each defiled boy and the sentence will run concurrently.

Mugambi also faced three alternative charges of committing indecent acts on the minors between May 20 and 22, 2017.

The crimes fall under section 11 (1) of the sexual offences Act of 2006.

During the hearing, the witnesses, who were led by state counsels Elizabeth Kibathi and Celestine Matere, narrated how one of the boys was lured by Mugambi as he went to church.

He was given a doughnut and agreed to accompany the man. But on reaching a place with a virgin forest, he placed him on the shoulder and went inside the forest, removed his trousers and penetrated his anus.


After the act, the boy managed to run and screamed, attracting the attention of residents who were walking nearby.

They chased the man and beat him up, but he was rescued by police.

The boys told the court how the man at first used to offer them money in exchange for sex, but when they declined, he would use force.

“It took coercion and violence which involved the accused carrying his victims to the forest to sexually assault them. There is a pattern in this case, the accused chose his victims well. He targeted boys whom he would easily dazzle with offer of a ride on his ox-drawn carriage and offer of giving them doughnuts,” said the magistrate.

Mr Nyakundi said that the victims who testified in court were consistent and spoke without equivocation as they vividly narrated the cases.

Dr Phyllis Muhonja, a forensic officer at the Embu Level Five hospital, who examined the boys, confirmed that they had indeed been defiled.