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Man jailed for 15 years for raping 64-year-old woman

By KNA August 9th, 2018 1 min read

A Molo court on Thursday slapped a middle-aged man with a 15-year imprisonment jail term for raping a 64-year-old woman.

Gideon Gacheru, 28, was charged with committing the offence on 24th July of this year at Keriko village in Rongai,  Nakuru County.

The court heard that on the material day at around 9pm, Gacheru attacked the complainant at her home.

The accused who was armed with a panga,  broke into the house and forced the 64 year old who was already asleep to undress.


Confrontation between the two ensued but she was overpowered and raped after which Gacheru fled.

Being someone well known to her, she informed her relatives and the matter was reported at Salgaa police station leading to his arrest.

The medical report dated 25th July confirmed that the complainant was raped and indicated that she was also in pain but sober and had bites on her neck.

Gacheru pleaded guilty to the charges before senior resident magistrate,  Rhoda Yator and was handed the 15 year sentence.

In mitigation, he pleaded for forgiveness saying that he was drunk and did not know what he was doing.