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Man jailed for 10 years for defiling 8-year-old girl

By Kalume Kazungu February 18th, 2020 2 min read

The Lamu Law Court has sentenced a man to 10 years imprisonment after he was found guilty of defiling an 8-year old girl.

Walladi Musa Walladi was found guilty of defiling the girl at Mkomani area in Lamu Town.

The accused committed the offence on October 14, 2018.

The court heard that the accused lured the girl with Sh50 shortly after she left the church. He then sexually assaulted her.

Walladi denied the offence and instead blamed some strange people for framing him.

Carpentry workshop

“I am not in any way involved and I don’t even know the girl. I am accused of defiling the girl at my carpentry workshop. That’s impossible since the workshop is a public place where I could have easily been caught. I even went to the girl’s family to discuss the matter and put it at rest after hearing of such a complaint. I am innocent but I feel some strangers persuaded the girl’s family to have me arrested even after negotiation with them and agreed to abandon the case,” said Walladi.

He further stated that the girls’ mother should be disbelieved because she was a liar and had only testified after he failed to bribe her.

While delivering the judgment, Lamu Law Courts Principal Magistrate Allan Temba said several people, including police and doctors, testified in the case and confirmed that the girl was indeed defiled.

He said the court is satisfied that the evidence of the complaint is safe and thus finds the accused guilty of as charged.

“The evidence presented before the court proved beyond doubt that the accused is a dangerous sexual offender. The court is satisfied that the evidence of the complaint is safe and thus finds the accused person guilty as charged. He is convicted of committing the indecent acts to a minor under Section 215 of the Criminal Procedure Code. You have a right of appeal within 14 days,” said Mr Temba.