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Man admits killing his brother over a glass of water

A man has admitted that he killed his brother after disagreeing over a glass of water while feasting at the sprawling Lunga Lunga slums within Nairobi County

Mr Collins Obenda Gavalwa, who pleaded guilty to a lesser offence of manslaughter, asked for leniency saying he accidentally killed Frankline Mulweye Gavalwa in self defence.

The court heard that on the fateful day (October 11, 2016) the accused, his late brother and their common friend Mr Christian Kadege had agreed to prepare supper then eat together.

But by the time the meal was ready and served Mr Obenda had not arrived and so Mr Kadege ended up eating his share and then retired for the night.


Mr Obenda would later show up at his brother’s house who was still enjoying his meal. Mr Mulweye ushered him in and welcomed him to join him for the meal.

It was the accused took a glass of drinking water which his brother had beside his plate and used it in washing his hands that tragedy struck.

In a fit of anger, Mr Mulweye punched his brother for using the water in the glass to wash his hands, the court heard.

The deceased then picked up a knife and attempted to stab the accused who instead grabbed it and stabbed him (deceased) on the left side of his chest killing him.


Mr Obenda is said to have fled the scene of crime and boarded a bus to Vihiga County where he took refuge before surrendering to the police.

The accused’s lawyer, Wokabi Mathenge, asked the court to consider imposing a none custodial sentence for his client since he did not intend to kill his brother.

“The accused sincerely and profusely regrets his actions. He has reformed and has promised never to engage in crime,” Mr Mathenge submitted.

However, Justice Lessit directed that the accused be remanded in custody until June 14 when a probation report will be availed.