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Man Kush: If you want your parents to love you, get rich!

Pastor and comedian Paul Kuria, popularly known as Man Kush, has called on parents to treat their children equally regardless of their financial status.

In a recent interview on TikTok, Man Kush shared his perspective on the importance of parental fairness.

“If you want your parents to be your friends on top of being your parents, attain wealth. If you don’t have money, even your children won’t be treated well,” Man Kush said.

He also shed light on the unfortunate reality of some parents discriminating against their grandchildren based on their parents’ financial status.

He further revealed instances where parents would favour rich siblings and mistreat their grandchildren when their poorer siblings arrived.

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“Some parents even chase away your children when your rich siblings show up. These are the types of parents we have,” he lamented.

Man Kush took the opportunity to commend parents who treat all their children equally, regardless of their economic circumstances.

“To those who embrace this principle, I salute you, and I pray that God blesses you. A wise parent treats their children equally,” he said.

He also touched on the issue of siblings who harbour animosity towards each other, going so far as to spread hatred to their parents.

Man Kush attributed such conflicts to disputes over land ownership, recognizing the complexity of these familial challenges.

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While it remains unclear whether Man Kush was drawing from personal experiences, he expressed his disapproval of husbands who manipulate their wives back home.

Man Kush stance against such behaviour aligns with his commitment to advocating for healthy relationships within families.

While reacting to Man Kush’s sentiments, one fan shared personal experience of how their late mother mistreated them due to their financial status but now depends on them for support.

Another fan shared a similar encounter with a grandmother who displayed favoritism but expressed gratitude for their own blessings.

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