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Man Kush: Why I chase away my church members after five years

Pastor Paul Kuria, who is also known as Man Kush, recently made some controversial statements about his approach to church membership.

In an interview with Kameme TV on Wednesday 5 morning, the Home of Glory Joy Ministry overseer said his church is his company.

“If you look at the ownership documents, you will not find anybody else’s name,” he said.

Man Kush said that he does not keep the same congregation for more than five years.

He sees his church as his company, and if any member overstays, he will call them and ask them not to show up again.

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Kush explained that he wants his members to spread the gospel he teaches and believes this is the best way to do it.

“I do not hold my church members for over five years, I chase them and get new ones,” he said. “This is because I want them to go and teach other people.”

Adding, “It is God who brings them. I know all my servants. If I notice you have not left after five years, I call them aside and tell them to leave.”

Kush also revealed that he has wealthy church members who donate millions of money to his church.

However, this contradicts what he had earlier said when he asked broke people to avoid coming to his church because he has bills to pay.

“Do not come without money because we are paying the rent,” he had said. “If you do not have money, just go to another church, in Nairobi it’s not all about prayers but work.”

Besides his views on church membership and finances, Man Kush also spoke about the need for men to appreciate their wives.

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He said being a housewife is a full-time job, and men should pay their wives to care for their homes.

He gives his wife about Sh30,000 per month as an appreciation token.

“There is no man who is not supposed to pay their wives. If men could understand the tasks their wives do to keep a home, then they will never complain when they are asked to pay them,” he said. “Being a woman who brings up children is not an easy job by itself.”

Kush added that instead of some Kenyan men loving their wives, they mistreat them.

“Most women walking around are just but walking corpses due to the trauma their men make them go through,” he said.

While some of Man Kush’s statements may be controversial, he has a significant following in Kenya. It remains to be seen how his views on church membership and finances will affect his congregation.

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