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Man’s letter vowing to kill his adulterous wife’s lover goes viral

A disgruntled man has written a protest letter to a local firm vowing to kill one of their employees who he accused of having an extra marital affair with his wife.

The man, a Meru-based businessman, claims he caught the man with wife in bed in the middle of the night after trailing them for six hours with the help of two boda boda cyclists.

In the hilarious letter that has gone viral, the heartbroken man confesses to attacking the man “with swords”, leaving him badly injured and seeking treatment at a nearby hospital.


The man writes: “I pushed the door which luckily was not locked and we managed to get in. We found them in bed both naked and we attacked them with swords. He ran away with a towel into his car and drove away.”

Although he doesn’t state in this email (in our possession) of how he expects the adulterer’s employer to intervene, the deeply disappointed and frustrated man says that this incident has led to a separation with the mother of his children.

“I don’t know what I will tell my children when they come home for half-term,” he concludes.

The Nairobi News could not authenticate the letter.

Read the full letter below: