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Man mistaken for Wazir Chacha talks of tribulations, being dumped by fiancée

A man mistakenly identified as the one behind an extortion ring targeting MPs has spoken out for the first time how his life has been devastated since a blogger posted his photo on social media.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi had last week posted on Twitter a photo of a man he claimed was Wazir Benson Masubo, alias Wazir Chacha, posing with Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege.

It turns out the man in the photo is 22-year-old Mr Samuel Wanjii.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Mr Wanjii said the photo was taken after the 2017 general election campaigns. He was a member of Ms Chege’s campaign team.


Mr Wanjii says he is considering taking the blogger to court, whom he says has continued to defame him even after the real Wazir Chacha had been arrested and charged in court.

Sitting in his shop in Murang’a town, Mr Wanjii narrated how he received news of the trending photo  from a PCEA church member where he fellowships. (Mr Wanjii is the chairperson of the local Presbyterian Church Men Fellowship (PCMF) and the secretary of the youths in the church).


Soon after, relatives and friends started making calls to inquire from him the authenticity of the claims.

“My family and relatives condemned me, telling me that I had embarrassed the family who are God fearing and that I needed to confess that I’m obsessed with sleeping with older women in exchange of money.

“My friends and former classmates mocked me and asked me to part with the money from MPs,” Mr Wanjii said.

At times, he said, he would lock himself in his house for the whole day as people kept pointing fingers at him, calling him ‘Chacha Wa Murang’a’.

Others called him a Ben Ten.


Rumours soon started spreading that it was Sabina Chege who gave him the capital to open the shop. Customers quickly avoided him like a plague.


The most painful part of his ordeal was when he went to Murang’a police station to clear the air on the matter. He was shocked to be welcomed by police officers were too eager to arrest him.

“If you are coming here to stop us from arresting you, you won’t succeed. We shall still arrest you when the time comes,” he was told.

“I was so depressed and did not know what to do. I went back to my house. Along the way, people were calling me a bull, while others congratulated me.”

The pressure from family and friends was also immense.

“From the family holding a meeting to press me to confess and get saved again, my fellow church members staring at me during the Sunday service

“This issue has claimed my fiancé who even after the arrest of Mr Chacha has not responded to my text messages and calls,” Mr Wanjii said.