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Man narrowly escapes death after being attacked by baboon

A city-based matatu tout on Tuesday morning fell from the rooftop of a four-storey building in Kayole as he tried to escape an attack by a baboon.

In an amateur video clip making rounds on social media, the tout, who has been identified as Mr Dickson Maina, was trying to chase a baboon that was on the rooftop of the building when the incident happened.

Maina told the media that he escaped death as he was saved by an iron sheet fence before he fell to the ground.

It all started when Maina heard people wailing and shouting compelling him to go and find out what was happening.

“I was at Arrow Web Hospital in Kayole and was alerted by the wails and I decided to climb to the top of the building and find out what was happening,” he said.

He said that even before he could fully climb to the top of the building, the baboon charged at him and he had no option but to try and escape when he fell.

He said area residents had severally tried to send the baboon away in vain and so he thought that he could give them a helping hand, only for him to come face to face with the marauding primate.