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Why this man rejected proposal by girlfriend

By EDDY KAGERA January 16th, 2018 1 min read

A woman claiming to be a friend of a lady whose proposal was rejected by her boyfriend in Abuja, Nigeria has come out to explain the incident.

Facebook user Christy Glo claims that the man whispered to the woman, who is shown making the proposal, that he was married, according to Nigerian media.

“This lady is actually my friend, but not close friends and we just spoke on phone… She said the reason she cried bitterly after her boyfriend rejected her marriage proposal in public was that when he came close and whispered into her ears, he actually said he was already married. My question is why are men this wicked and heartless?” wrote Glo on Facebook.

The video that has since gone viral begins by showing a woman in a black dress asking bystanders whether they have seen her fiancé.


Woman’s marriage proposal goes terribly wrong – VIDEO

A few seconds later, the fiancé makes an appearance coming down from an escalator where the woman immediately goes down on one knee with a ring box on her hand.

The man clad in black jeans and t-shirt then expresses shock to the unfolding drama.

A man who was together with the fiancé abandons his friend leaving him alone.

Even with cheers from the onlookers, the man is not convinced and begs the lady to stand up.

He then comes and lifts the woman form her kneeling position with a hug. It is at this point that he may have whispered the heartbreaking news that reduced the woman to tears.