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Man who scaled Safaricom mast jailed for two years

A man who scaled a Safaricom communication mast and chewed miraa as police begged him to come down has been handed a two-year jail term for attempted suicide and trespass.

Embu Resident Magistrate Juliana Ndengeri ruled that a probation report indicated that Anthony Murimi had earlier failed to complete another non-custodial sentence for trespass and thus was only eligible for a strict jail term.

The 25-year-old former security guard had on June 11 pleaded guilty to trespassing into the Safaricom mast situated at Majengo estate, and scaling the about 60-metres, and threatening to jump down.

The crime was committed on June 10 where climbed the mast, which is secured with a high perimeter fence and is ringed with electric wires.

The court heard how he ignored persuasion by a team of police officers, and continued to chew miraa for more than 12 hours.

At one point, the man stripped naked and threw the clothes to the police remaining with an inner wear.

The prosecution led by Mr Kigo told Ms Ndengeri how police arrived at the scene at around 5.30am and found the man perched atop the mast while chewing the stimulant.

“He had trespassed into the compound without the authorization of the management. Police officers cajoled the accused to descend but he declined and continued chewing miraa,” Mr Kigo recounted.

At one point, Mr Murimi threatened to jump off the mast, but fire fighters from Meru county successfully pleaded with him and he agreed to be assisted to descend.

Embu OCS Amina Abdi then ordered that the man, who was naked be clothed and rushed to Embu Level Five hospital.