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Man sentenced to death for killing divorced woman who rejected him

A 34-year-old man has been sentenced to death for killing a woman who turned down his advances for a love relationship after separating from her husband.

Mr Daniel Oyondi Moi hacked to death Reginah Kiinya outside Mweiga police station on April 29, 2017 in Kieni West sub-county.

He had stalked the mother of four before pulling out a machete and slashing her on the hands and head, killing her on the spot.

He later surrendered to the police to escape the wrath of an irate mob that was baying for his blood.


Justice Teresiah Matheka, in her ruling, noted that Mr Moi committed the offence following suspicion that the deceased was being promiscuous.

This, the judge said, is because Mr Moi could not accept the fact that Regina was still in a relationship with the father of her children, and therefore could not accommodate him.

The judge said Mr Moi could have just walked away, but instead decided if she could not be with him, then she would not be.

“Courts must send the strongest message marital or relationship disputes cannot, should not and should never be resolved through killing or causing any harm to the other party,” stated Justice Matheka.

She added: “The sanctity of love and the family must be protected by people understanding that there are better ways to resolve disputes. If it is not tolerable, that it is better to walk away and forget that relationship.”


On his side, Mr Moi said he was provoked after ringing the deceased severally and the phone call was answered by unidentified man.

“He had known the deceased for over a year. He knew her children, he knew her sisters. He attacked her in broad daylight in the presence of her sister and her friend who was heavily pregnant. He cut her down like firewood. The injuries she sustained as shown in the postmortem report speak volumes,” narrated Justice Matheka.

Mr Moi sought leniency saying he was remorseful, but Justice Matheka said his actions rendered the deceased’s children orphans and are now living with different relatives in Nyeri and Meru.

“Regina’s vessel of life will never sail in this sea of the existence that we all know. It is drowned by the storms caused by the accused’s person’s inhuman action. The lives of her children were thrown into the storms that come when you are an orphan,” said Justice Matheka.


According to Justice Matheka, the society must revive its revulsion to any form of violence and lovers must learn that if a relationship does not work, the partners must have the human sense to walk away and seek other solutions.

“Our society must have no tolerance to domestic violence and gender based violence. The message must be heard loud and clear, killing girlfriends will not be tolerated by this society. Killing wives will not be tolerated by this society. Killing boyfriends and husbands will not be tolerated,” said the in her ruling.

She added: “If a relationship goes sour, if a marriage breaks down, then those people in it must have the human sense to walk away and seek other solutions.”