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Man ‘sets lodging ablaze’

A youthful man allegedly set a lodging ablaze and attempted to rape a 39 – year – old woman after she declined his sexual overtures.

Consequently, Kennedy Kaloki has been charged with attempted rape and arson at the Makadara Law Courts. He’s denied the charges.

Kaloki is accused of burning a room worth Sh500,000 at Mwendo Bar and restaurant in Njiru and attempting to rape a caretaker of the restaurant’s lodging facilities after she declined his sexual advances on Sunday December 13.

Kaloki is said to have stormed the social joint allegedly loudly shouting that he wanted to have a private time with the woman but she ignored him.

He later grabbed and floored one woman at the bar and started assaulting her before the caretaker raised an alarm and members of the public intervened and rescued her.

Not done, Kaloki is said to have followed the caretaker into her kitchen and attempted to rape her at knife point but a patron disarmed him.

He then proceeded into one of the rooms which he allegedly set on fire in protest after he was restrained from raping the woman, before police arrived.

He denied the charges before principal magistrate Steve Jalango of Makadara law courts.

He was freed on a Sh300,000 bond. The case will be mentioned on December 28.