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A man sought advice on how to dump his fiancée of six years. Big mistake!

By EDDY KAGERA December 27th, 2017 1 min read

A man who appeared to brag on Facebook that he was about to dump his fiancée of six years has come under fire from women.

The man had posed the question on one of the popular Kilimani Mums groups.

“Which is the best way to dump a lady without hurting her? I want to dump someone I promised to marry, we dated 6yrs, She is 28yrs,” he wrote.

This irked thousands of members in the group with women being the most affected.

One warned: “A man like you will find your match n will never find your way out, you will cry tears of blood, full of stress, karma, n kukaliwa kukaliwa. Happy ndio utamkumbuka huyu Dem umemuwestia time, while she will be happy somewhere.”

Another added: “6 years. I swear some people are mentally ill.. Hujai fikiria ivo na ulikua na Hizo miaka Zote.. Noogle.”

“Fanya haraka stop wasting her time enough!sit down wait for karma to serve u the best meal,” said another.

Another retorted: “God will judge you harshly and history will repeat itself one day .Ni hayo tu kwa Sasa !!!!,” while another wondered: “Wanaume hizi roho zenyu mbaya mlitoa wapi!? Are you sure tuliumbwa na Mungu mmoja!? Hey.”

“See how this dumbass has wasted someone’s daughter ?I would kill you God will understand. 6 yrs? If you don’t have good reason you will never see peace yourself.”