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Man stabbed to death in Kitengela over ‘PlayStation’ game

Tension was high in Kitengela town, Kajiado County on Wednesday morning after a 23-year-old man was stabbed to death by two men.

The victim, identified as Elijah Ongeri, who was running a movie and PlayStation business in Kitengela, was stabbed severally on the chest and neck by two of his regular customers William Muasya and Daudi Ali inside his shop after they disagreed over a PlayStation game.


According to an eye witness, Aaron Kamau, the two men entered Ongeri’s shop and an argument ensued.

A few minutes later, he heard screams and saw the two men trying to escape before they were pursued and apprehended by members of the public.

“I was sitting outside next to the movie shop when I heard a commotion and someone screaming.When I entered the shop Ongeri was lying in a pool of blood with a knife beside him and the two men, who normally come here regularly to play PlayStation game, were running away,” said Kamau.

The two assailants were handed over to the police after being given a thorough beating by the public.


Police were forced to shoot in the air and lob tear gas to disperse the crowd who were milling around the scene of crime baying for the killers’ blood.

Isinya Deputy County Commissioner, Stanley Too, while confirming the incident, said the two men have been arrested and will be arraigned in court once investigations are completed.

The body of the deceased was moved to Shalom Hospital in Athi River.

Cases of insecurity have been on the rise in Kitengela town in the recent past with residents accusing police of laxity and slow response to incidents reported.

Last week, a gang of men went on a robbery spree targeting big hotels in the area.


Armed with two revolvers, 10 people last week drove in two vehicles into Hotel Laetoli and tied up the workers and two guests.

The hotel manager, Peter Muasya, said the gang arrived at the hotel five minutes to 11pm on Tuesday night after the hotel closed business for the day and took the watchman hostage.

The gang managed to steal an unknown amount of money, the hotel’s generator and television sets and mobile phones from staff and guests.

Olerai hotel also in Kitengela town was attacked the same week by the same gang.

So far no arrests have been made with police saying that they are investigating the incident.