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Man stuns Nairobi court with half-naked appearance

A man on March 15, 2023, stunned a Nairobi court when he appeared for hearings while half-naked.

Appearing before justice Lilian Mutende at the Milimani Law Courts, the man stunned the virtual court session after he logged in while half naked for the mention of a murder case.

The man’s conduct and mode of dressing prompted lawyers in the Judiciary Teams Virtual Platform to ask the judicial officer to compel him to dress properly.

A dress code for lawyers and persons appearing before courts has been outlined in the court ethics.

Consequently, Justice Mutende demanded to know whether the half-naked man was a lawyer or a litigant.

The man who never had a vest or a shirt muttered inaudible words prompting the judge to switch off his camera throughout the session.

The judge condemned the action and urged litigants to observe court etiquette and respect.

She directed those appearing before her to always dress appropriately.

The judge further said the fact that cases are being conducted virtually is not a leeway for parties to dress in a funny manner.

The incident drew a furore amongst those who had logged in to the court session including journalists who were waiting for the murder case plea by celebrity rally driver Maxine Wahome.

The dramatic scene is not the first one as other litigants and lawyers have been in the past directed by judicial officers (Magistrates and Judges) to dress properly before logging in on court proceedings.

In some instances, lawyers and accused persons appeared before the court virtually while inappropriately dressed.

A case in point is when a lawyer put on a shirt, tie, and blazer as their top part dress but wear a pair of shorts, sweat pants against the code requirement.

In 2022, a lady lawyer logged into a court session when she was in bed with her man beside her.

This happened before Milimani High Court Commercial Division.

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