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Man suspected of killing his lover surrenders to police

January 6th, 2016 1 min read


A man who allegedly murdered his girlfriend late last year in Embakasi on Tuesday surrendered to the police.

According to Embakasi OCPD, Mr Appollo Onyonyi, the man, Mr Martin Kunguru, turned himself at the DCI Headquarters in Kitale, and was transferred to Nairobi Embakasi Police Station.

Speaking on phone, Mr Onyonyi said the prime suspect in the murder of Ms Charity Mukami Wachira surrendered after running out of options because his photograph had been widely circulated across the country following the heinous crime.

“The man is in our custody. We will soon arraign him in court, probably tomorrow (Wednesday),” said Mr Onyonyi.

The suspect recorded a statement soon after arriving in Nairobi around 2.00 pm, he added.


Ms Wachira’s body was found in the suspect’s house, a week after she disappeared from their home in Tassia, Embakasi. Her phone went unanswered during that period leading family members to start a search.

According to previous reports, the last time she communicated with her parents was on December 17, 2015. It was after looking for her without success that her parents decided to look in Mr Kunguru’s house.

They found the door locked and could only tell that something was amiss from to the foul smell that was emanating from the house. They informed the police who broke into the house and found the blood-soaked body lying on a bed. It is suspected that the victim was strangled and stabbed with a sharp object.

Ms Wachira’s parents and relatives are said to have been aware of the relationship between the deceased and the suspect, only that they did not understand the reasons why he allegedly killed her.

There has been a public outcry calling on the police to act ever since the suspect went into hiding.