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Man tells court Police officer ‘gifted him’ military boots and jungle sweater

A man in Kibera is in trouble with authorities after he was found with a pair of military boots and a jungle sweater which he claims to have received from a police officer.

Emmanuel Simiyu was charged with possession of government stores to wit the two items which he was allegedly found with at his house in Kijiji slums within Kibera suspected to have been unlawfully obtained.

But through his lawyer, he claimed to have been gifted the items by a cop who was disposing them because they are old and worn out.

He was arrested after several people living within a police line in the area complained of losing items including clothes.

Simiyu who has been doing casual jobs at the police line was summoned and arrested and later escorted to his house where a search was done and a pair of military boots and a jungle sweater were allegedly found.

In court, Simiyu denied the charges before Resident magistrate William Tullen. He was released on a Sh30, 000 cash bail and an alternative bond of Sh100, 000.

The case will be mentioned on May 19.