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Man to serve life for panga attack on wife over alleged poisoning plot

By SAM KIPLAGAT October 12th, 2017 2 min read

A man who attacked and seriously injured his wife and mother in-law in Meru for allegedly trying to poison him will serve life in prison.

Court of Appeal judges, Philip Waki, Roselyn Nambuye and Patrick Kiage dismissed the appeal by Gilbert Mukundi Rubarua stating that it lacked merit.

This was a second appeal by Mukundi who was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment, seven years ago.

The court heard that the incident happened on August 6, 2010 at Makandune village in Meru Central when a dispute arose between Mukundi and his wife, Norline Kirakito.

He accused the wife of trying to poison him.


The court was told that the matter was reported to Kiamuri Police Patrol Base and after hearing all the parties, the police referred the matter to elders.

They appeared before elders led by area chief and Mukundi maintained that he should be refunded the money spent on medication after the attempted poisoning, but his father in-law only offered to refund Sh2,500.

Norline (the wife) together with her mother Rosemary Kabatia and father Benson Muthukuru Buaru walked home after failing to agree.

Mukundi followed them closely and on reaching Ndera river, he stopped them and first slashed his wife with a panga.

The mother in-law tried to intervene but she too suffered the same fate. She was slashed several times on the head, hands, neck and she lost consciousness.


Both women screamed but Benson ran away fearing to be slashed.

Their screams attracted passers-by who came and took the women to Chaaria Hospital.

Later they were taken to Chogoria Mission Hospital where they were admitted for specialized treatment. Norline remained in hospital for five months while Rosemary was admitted for three days.

He was tried before a Nkubu court and sentenced to life in prison.

He appealed before the High Court but Justice Roselyn Wendoh dismissed the case and ordered him to serve the sentence.

In his defence, Mukundi told the court that his wife said she wanted to commit suicide and she took a wire trying to hang herself.


He called the mother in-law and the area assistant chief.

He defended himself saying it was his father in-law who attacked him and he ran to the police station, where he sought refuge.

The Judges, however, dismissed his appeal saying it lacked merit.