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Man in trouble for calling female lawyer ‘my dear’

By VICTOR OTIENO November 8th, 2017 1 min read

A witness was on Wednesday detained briefly in Kisumu for using what the judge said was unauthorised language in court.

The man was testifying in a case where former Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma has challenged the election of Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o was but was instead held at the High Court’s basement cells for using unauthorised language against a woman lawyer who was cross-examining him.

Justice David Majanja ordered the police officers who were inside the courtroom to arrest Yusuf Masudi after he addressed a lady lawyer, July Soweto, as “My Dear”.

The brief detention was effected after Mr Masudi failed to apologise to the lawyer as he had been ordered by the court.



Mr Masud told the court that he could not make the apology as he was not aware of the mistake that he had committed.

“I do not know what I have done wrong to make an apology,” said Mr Masudi.

He was, however, released shortly and forced to apologise to the lawyer before carrying on with his testimony.

“I do apologise to you my lady for using that language against you,” said Mr Masudi.

Justice Majanja then asked the lawyers to enlighten their witnesses of the court’s language to prevent such incidents from recurring.

He also warned the public against using demeaning language against women.

“Sit down with your witnesses and inform them of the right language to use in here. And any other person who is inside here, respect the women. Not calling them as ‘my dear’ but by title or name,” said Justice Majanja.