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Man who came home drunk and threatened to stab his father charged

A man who threatened to stab his father with a knife after returning home drunk has pleaded guilty to charges of creating a disturbance after he was arraigned at the Makadara Law Courts.

However, the accused, David Kabucho Ngugi, blamed his actions on alcohol.

Mr Ngugi is facing charges of creating a disturbance in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace contrary to section (1) (b) of the penal code by threatening to stab his father Benson Ngugi Kabucho at his house in Ruai in Nairobi on October 3.

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The court heard that on said date, Mr Ngugi returned home around 9pm and started shouting at the top of his voice, while threatening to stab everyone in the house with a knife.

His mother and a relative attempted to calm him down but he became more hostile. This prompted his father to seek assistance from neighbours who restrained the suspects by tying up his hands and legs. The complainant then proceeded to Ruai Police Station reported the matter, leading to the arrest of the accused.

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In court, where he appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate Mercy Malingu, Mr Ngugi said he was remorseful for his actions, which he blamed on keeping bad company. He said he had accompanied friends to a party where he consumed excessive alcohol which led to his actions.

“I wasn’t drinking alcohol for the first time, but on that day I consumed too much of it. I was not myself and it was not my wish to do what I did. I can’t deny anything because I did not know myself at the time, I was just violent. I was not in possession of a knife but I made utterances that I can’t remember,” he told the court.

Ms Malingu ordered a presentencing report before sentencing Mr Ngugi on October 17, 2022 but advised him to try to reconcile with his father before the mentioning date of the case to avoid being jailed.

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