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Man who sodomized his wife’s lover jailed for life

A Tanzania court has sentenced a man to life imprisonment after he was found guilty of sodomizing another man after finding out he was having an affair with his wife.

Eric Kasila, 39, is said to have committed the crime a few months ago in a hotel room in Ilala after he busted his wife sleeping with Idd Kambi, the complainant.

The accused also faced separate charges of robbing the complainant of his clothes, cash, a laptop and shoes.

In a video obtained by Nairobi News, which is however too graphic to be published, captured Mr Kasila committing the heinous act.


In the video Mr Kambi is forcefully held down by a number of men, while one of the men repeatedly sodomizes him, as one of the assailants records the ordeal.

Another person accused in the case, is a Mr Juma Richard, was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment after being found guilty of forcing his private parts on Mr Kambi’s mouth, and demanding him to sign an agreement letter saying he would pay him Sh 1 million, for him not to leak the graphic pictures and video online.

Mr Kambi lawyer’s, Silvia Mitanto, asked the court to give the accused a harsh punishment for their actions which, he said, has psychological effected the complainant.