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Man who stole food and utensils from hotel charged with burglary

By Joseph Ndunda January 17th, 2023 2 min read

A man, who was rescued by the police from a lynch mob in Ngumba estate in Kasarani, Nairobi after allegedly breaking into a hotel and stealing assorted utensils and food, has been charged with burglary and theft.

Mr Evans Ouma alias Kidero has been charged with burglary contrary to section 304 (2) and theft contrary to section 279 (b) of the penal code, which he denied at the Makadara Law Courts.

He is accused of breaking into a hotel belonging to Roseanne Kathambi where he allegedly stole four sufurias, 30 plates, six mugs, 30 plastic cups, four packets of 2kg wheat flour, two packets of 2kg maize flour, one kilogram of sugar and three litres of cooking oil.

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The suspect also allegedly stole one frying pan, three plastic basins and one kg of salt from the hotel, all valued at Sh7,850, on the night of January 12.

The complainant had locked the hotel the previous night after close of business. The next day as she went to open, she met the accused person outside the hotel carrying a sack full of items.

When she opened her business premises she discovered that it had been broken into and the items stolen. By this time the accused person had long gone.

She later met him in the estate on the same day and raised an alarm and members of the public caught the suspect who was subjected to a thorough beating before police officers from Kasarani Stadium Police Station rescued him.

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The officers escorted the suspect to Kiambu Level 5 Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

He was later escorted to a house where some of the items stolen from Ms Kathambi’s hotel were recovered.

The accused person denied the charges before Senior Resident Magistrate Mercy Malingu and was released on a cash bail of Sh30,000.

He must avail a contact person who will guarantee his attendance to court for trial. The case will be mentioned on February 23, 2023 before the hearing starts on March 23, 2023.

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