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Man who stole iPhone 11 Pro Max, lost it at chang’aa den to be sentenced – VIDEO

A man who stole a mobile phone worth Sh148,000 at a boutique in Kamukunji then lost it at a chang’aa den has told a Nairobi court that he regreted his actions after being charged.

Charles Waithaka pleaded guilty to the charge of stealing the iPhone 11 Pro Max from Josephine Wangechi Ndung’u at Kamukunji Trade Centre on March 3.

Waithaka claimed he had left home for the day but ended up at the shop unawares and stole the phone.

He, however, said after his conscience began hurting immediately he headed for a chang’aa den to drown his sorrows but ended up losing both Ms Ndung’u’s and his mobile phones.

The court heard that Waithaka went to the shop posing as a shoe buyer and after walking around the shop, returned to the counter and picked the phone which he pocketed and left.

Ms Ndung’u later began looking for her expensive phone to make a call but could not find it.

She later used another phone to call hers and found it switched off.

She reported the matter at Kamukunji police station and on retrieving and reviewing CCTV footage Waithaka was seen pocketing the said iPhone.

A few days later, he was seen at a shop belonging to the complainant’s cousin and police were alerted and they managed to arrest him.

At the police station, Waithaka confessed he had stolen the phone and repeated the same before Makadara law courts principal magistrate Jackie Kibosia, saying he was remorseful.

He pleaded for a non-custodial sentence saying he had children solely depending on him.

Kibosia ordered for a social inquiry report on Waithaka to be availed in court on March 23 before sentencing him for the theft.