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Man who vandalised police officer’s car pleads guilty to theft charges

A 36-year-old man who sneaked into the Industrial Area police station in Nairobi and stole a battery from a police officer’s car pleaded guilty to charges of stealing contrary to section 268 (1) as read with section 275 of the penal code.

Thandermol Falcao admitted that he stole the battery valued at Sh10, 000 from corporal Fredrick Oramisi at the station’s lines on April 20.
Cpl. Oramisi had parked his car at the lines as he reported on night duty at around 8pm.

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Mr Falcao went to the parking and vandalized the car removing the battery.

But he was spotted leaving with it by a security guard guarding the Makadara Directorate of Criminal Investigations offices within the station.

The guard stopped Mr. Falcao but he attempted to run away prompting the guard to raise an alarm.

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Members of the public and police officers responded and arrested Mr Falcao and escorted him to the police station’s report office where he was booked into cells. The battery was kept as an exhibit in the case.

Cpl. Oramisi and the guard were listed as witnesses in the case but no trial will be held after the suspect pleaded guilty to the charges.

The case will be mentioned on April 28 when the prosecution will lay out its case against the suspect and avail the exhibit before he is convicted and sentenced.

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