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Man who was shot eight times in shop robbery discharged from hospital

By Amina Wako January 29th, 2020 2 min read

Richard Muema, the man who was critically wounded in November 2019 after being shot eight times by gangsters who were robbing a shop in Kasarani, has been discharged from Kenyatta National Hospital.

Nairobi News has established that Mr Muema was allowed to leave the facility on Wednesday morning after clearing his hospital bills.

Rapper King Kaka was the first to share the goods news via his Twitter handle.

“Some good news thanks to everyone who contributed a while back when I asked for help. Richard Muema who was shot eight times has been discharged and the bill settled. I am grateful, the family says Asante and Be blessed,” King Kaka tweeted.

Muema’s close brush with death on November 5, 2019 was captured in a chilling video that went viral on social media.

In the video, Muema is seen walking into a shop closely followed by two men posing as customers.

The two men stand inside the shop for a few seconds before the one of them draws a pistol and start barking orders at Muema and the shopkeeper.

Richard Muema (left) after he was discharged from Kenyatta National Hospital. PHOTO | COURTESY
Richard Muema (left) after he was discharged from Kenyatta National Hospital. PHOTO | COURTESY

The gunman’s accomplices seizes the opportunity to get further inside the shop where goes about ransacking the cash box as his gun toting colleague stands guard at the doorway.

When the armed thug watching the door joins his colleague in ransacking the cash box, Muema pounces on him and begins punching the back of his head.

But the gunman swiftly turns around while firing several shots. Muema runs out of the shop with the gangsters in hot pursuit while still shooting at him.


It later emerged that Muema had been shot eight times while the shopkeeper was also shot on his neck.

Muema’s brother, Justus Mutuku, said he confronted the gunman to help the shopkeeper who is Muema’s close friend.

Mutuku said his brother has always been heroic.

“Muema is a people person. He can’t leave you in trouble. He will stay until the last minute,” Mutuku said.

While in hospital, Muema’s family had appealed to Kenyans to help them settle the bills that had accumulated to more than Sh 1 million just after a month in hospital.