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Mandera Law Courts closed for a week due to insecurity

Mandera Law Courts will remain closed for a week until the state of security in the town is addressed.

In a notice dated March 4, 2020 the Head of Station M. Kimani notified all litigants, advocates and stakeholders of the court’s closure for week pending restoration of peace and security.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba revealed these developments on Friday via tweet.

“Public services have been hampered due to the prevailing security situation in Mandera,” Roba wrote in the post in which he attached a copy of the notice from the court.

On Monday panic gripped Mandera town following heavy gunfire in Bulla Hawa between military forces of Jubbaland and Somalia Federal Government forces.

Videos shared online showed terrified citizens scampering for safety as the fighting raged on.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has since issued a stern warning to the Somalia government for “violations of Kenya’s territorial integrity” after its army engaged Jubaland administration inside Kenya and destroyed property in Mandera.

A day later the Governor of Mandera shared a video of Jubaland security forces moving around Mandela town in army vehicle mounted with machine guns.

“Jubaland security forces moving right inside Mandera town on Bulla Jamhuria Road, near the central chief camp, by the Huduma Center,” Roba tweeted.

The continued presence of Jubaland forces, which Somalia has accused Kenya of shielding, has caused panic in Mandera, even as the county government urged its staff to remain indoors for their own safety.

The Governor has also asked the government to intervene and find ways to mitigate the situation to save lives.

“This is a major threat to the security of Kenyans in Mandera. Our GoK must move with speed to mitigate this situation or Risk more loss of lives,” Governor Roba said.