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Police launch manhunt for this gunman captured on camera during Nasa event – VIDEO

Police have launched a manhunt for a man captured aiming a firearm at a police vehicle before the start of Raila Odinga’s swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday at Uhuru Park.

Through a post on their official Twitter account @PoliceKE, the police claim the man had an intent ‘to fire’ and that they are offering a cash reward to any person with information that could lead to his arrest.

The tweet was accompanied by a half minute video showing a man appearing from the crowd and seemingly pointing a pistol at a speeding police vehicle.

On Wednesday, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Mataing’i said the government had received information that the mammoth crowd which attended the event had been infiltrated by criminal elements.

“Many Kenyans might not be aware of this but we can tell you there was going to be a bloodbath, a massacre or catastrophe was going to happen there,” Matiang’i said.

Matiang’i claimed the coalition wanted the said massacre to be captured live on TV with the intention of blaming it on the police.

He vowed that all will be done to ‘clampdown’ on the said elements.

In wake of the swearing in Matiang’i declared the National Resistance Movement (NRM) a criminal group and on Wednesday.

Matiang’i also said NTV, KTN and Citzen TV would remain off air until investigation into a “well-choreographed attempt to subvert or overthrow the legally constitutional government of Kenya” are complete.