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Man’s hand chopped off in Ruai land skirmishes

A man was on Wednesday rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital after his hand was chopped off in land skirmishes in Ruai, Nairobi.

Mathew Ochieng’ was among a group of youth who had allegedly been hired by a local politician to demolish a concrete wall built on a contested parcel of land within Embakasi Ranching Company in Ruai.


Jenei Momanyi, an area resident, recounted how they were guarding one of the houses when they heard a commotion.

“When we went to check what was happening, we were confronted by a group of youths with crude weapons. The youths attacked us and one of them was struck by a machete during the confrontation,” said Momanyi.

The tussle for the piece of land involves two local politicians who have staked claim over the property and mostly use local youth to fight off each other, leaving many injured in violent skirmishes.


Area residents claim that the politicians sold off the parcel to two clients who are now squabbling for it.

The disputed parcel of land has in the past been fenced three times and the fencing brought down on each occasion.

Njiru Deputy County Commissioner James Chacha confirmed the incident, saying the police have commenced investigations.

The ranching firm has also been on the spotlight with President Uhurui Kenyatta directing the Ministry of Lands to sort out the double allocation of land by issuing Title Deeds.