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Man’s rant on domestic violence leaves him with egg on face

A man who took to popular Facebook group Kilimani Mums and Dads to rant about his friend facing imprisonment for slapping his wife faced the wrath of members.

The user questioned why a woman would sue her husband because of “three slaps only.”

He ranted how his friend was facing six months imprisonment or a Sh150, 000 fine.

“Women!! Women!!! Since when did a slap by your husband become an assault!! Just imagine 3 slaps has earned my friend a 6 months imprisonment or Ksh150, 000 fine. Women, you must be serious. I want to ask friends to help us raise the fine charges within 2 weeks God will bless you!!!” he wrote.

The post elicited angry reactions from users who accused him of being a sympathizer of domestic violence.

“God never gave you the masculinity to abuse your wife…You can solve things amicably without beating her…Wacha afunzwe,” one user commented.

“Next time he will keep his hands to himself. No one has the right to put their hands on others,” another added.

“That is extremely lenient judgement I think it should be imprisonment and hard labor and no chance of bail,” another wrote.


“Slap is very expensive each cost 50k, how I wish they were 4! ???,” a user commented.

“You mean 1 slap is 50k not a bad deal…Wacha nichokozane nakam,” another wrote.

“Si mtu akuje Ani slap tuu nipate 150 k nilipe plot nusu ? hizo zingine nitajazilia,” another added.

“Where was this law when I was brutally beaten almost died??” another user questioned.

“3 slaps ni nyingi sana kwanza mimi mtu ajaribu kunishtua na kofi moja tu utalipia maisha yako yote!” another wrote.

“A slap is assault. Now he knows better. Please share the picture of your friend and a copy of the court ruling so that we can share to all women to know that they can get justice against domestic violence, including “mere slaps”. It starts with a slap, the next thing you know, you are being lowered into a grave. Say no to domestic violence,” a user stated.

“Who told you women are punching bag, if you feel you are too strong go fight with fellow men. May he be added more years there, silly him,” another added.