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Mansion of torture: Brutal murder of US-based Kenyan couple in Nyamira

Police in Nyamira have launched an investigation into the brutal murder of a US-based Kenyan couple, Mr Edward Morema Nyagechi and his wife Ms Grace Mong’ina, who were allegedly murdered by unknown assailants on the night of March 21, 2023.

The couple was based in Minnesota, USA. The incident occurred at their home in Nyamakoroto in Nyamira County.

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Edward Morema Nyagechi. PHOTO| COURTESY

When the news of the tragedy broke, locals streamed to the couple’s homestead, screaming and crying in pain.

A video seen by Nairobi News captured the mourners who gathered in groups, speaking in low voices.

“When something like this takes place, it is important that we bow down our heads and pray so that God may assist the family get justice,” said a pastor who was at the scene.

Police officers later arrived at the home in two land cruisers and picked up the two bodies before leaving at high speed.

NIGHT OF TORTURE: The residence of the Kenyan couple murdered in Nyamira. PHOTO| COURTESY

The police picked up the bodies which still had evidence of the gory brutality that happened to them during the murder. The couple had deep cuts on their heads, their hands were tied, and they also had pieces of clothes in their mouths.

Mr Edward ran a community group which was known as Bwakire Se (New Dawn). The group usually assists locals and made the dreams of many even brighter in almost every homestead around his home.

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Masaba North Deputy Police Commander Robert Ndambiri stated that the duo is believed to have been tortured before being murdered.

“It seems the criminals first captured them, tied their hands, then later gagged their mouths so that they could not scream for help. We think they died as a result of excessive bleeding,” he said.

Edward Morema Nyagechi and his wife Ms Grace. PHOTO| COURTESY

Friends and family mourn the loss of the couple, who were described as always being lovely and willing to help in case of any problems.

“With his death in Minnesota and the nation of Kenya as a whole, we lose a huge chunk of honest, dedicated and wonderful leadership. We mourn,” said Mr Henry Ongeri on his Facebook account.

He further added that friends and family will really miss the couple who was always lovely and willing to help in case of any problems.

“May God hear our cries, wipe our tears and rest Edward and Grace’s soul in eternal peace as we humbly pray,” he concluded.

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