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Reborn ‘Manyake’ singer narrates his journey to salvation – VIDEO

Kenyan Rapper Circuit, who is remembered for releasing two of the most controversial songs in Kenya over a decade ago, is now a changed man.

The rapper’s best secular composition in collaboration with Joel, Manyake, took the industry by storm with its lewd lyrics. But what most of his fans back then didn’t know was that rapper was battling alcoholism that was jeopardizing his marriage.

On Friday night, on NTV’s weekly show The Trend, Circuit narrated his long battle with alcoholism, serious depression and his eventual salvation.

“Back then, when the song (Manyake) was huge and there was a lot of money coming in but I never had an inner peace. I had lost the appetite for life. My marriage was also falling apart because of my lifestyle” said Circuit.

Curiously, Circuit revealed, when he finally got saved, it happened at the most unlikeliest time and under very strange circumstances.

He spoke about how one night in 2007,  as he was partaking his favorite drink in the living room alone he was overwhelmed with a strong urge to seek inner peace, since he had become suicidal.

“We had a house girl who was saved. That night at around 3am I went straight to her bedroom and woke her up and told her to pray for me to get saved. You can imagine her shock given that I was drunk. All the same, she prayed for me and that’s how I got saved,” he narrated.


“When I went to bed, I woke up my wife and told her that I just got saved. She didn’t believe me and she simply told me to go back to sleep.”

In the morning when he had sobered up he felt a strong urge to light up and smoke but remembered that he had gotten saved the previous night.

Thereafter the first person he reached out to was gospel artiste Rufftone whom he called and informed about his decision.

Still, he was subjected to yet another challenge when after a while his wife asked him to take a HIV test before they could resolve their marital problems since all along he had been unfaithful to her.

“My wife told me we go take an HIV test. I was so scared but thankfully the test came out negative. I consider that as the biggest miracle in my life. God gave another chance to start all over again,” he said.

Later, his wife too got saved  after seeing how much he had changed for the good.

Its now more then 10 years and the father of three continues to walk in the straight and narrow path. He has also made the full conversation into a gospel music artiste.