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Manzi wa Kibera expecting first child

The woman who recently confessed on national television she used drugs to enhance her backside is expecting her first child.

The lady, born Lillian Wambui, or simply known as Manzi wa Kibera, announced the news while disclosing her baby daddy.

“Everyone deserves to be loved,” she explained.

“It doesn’t matter who (loves you) as long as you are happy and doesn’t matter what is said.”

Not much is known of her baby daddy other than his name is Obidian Dela.

The news comes months after the two love birds wedded in a flamboyant and low-key ceremony.

“I am the first socialite in Kenya and East Africa to do a wedding,” she claimed.

“(People have been saying I do not have the qualities to make a good wife but you can see someone is investing millions in my wedding,” she said on Instagram.

On enhancing her backside, she explained: “I had a friend who told me I look good front appearance but behind it’s not good. I had to do everything possible to look appealing. My friends helped me raise Sh7500. The drugs are taken after every three days for six months and once I fail to take the drugs my derriere does not look good.”