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How Marende won Sh35k monthly upkeep case filed by his ex-lover

Former Speaker of the National Assembly Kenneth Marende seems to have convinced the High Court that he is unable to pay Sh35,000 monthly upkeep for his ex-lover.

But the court has ruled that the former Speaker will have to help in paying school fees for Jennifer Nkowua’s child.

Five years ago, Marende was directed by a court to pay the monthly stipend to Nkowua.

He appealed the ruling and the High Court has now dismissed the initial orders by the trial court.


In his court papers, Marende not only denied ever cohabiting with the said woman, but also stated that he was not on salaried employment and had the financial burden of supporting six children and aging parents.

He also argued that Nkowua could sustain herself and the child and that she was dishonest in not disclosing her financial capacity.

Marende also stated that he had set up a business for the woman and that she had vacated their home in possession of, among other things, a car.

Marende’s first wife named Lavendar died in 2005. He married his second wife in 2002 but separated in 2008, five months after becoming Speaker of the National Assembly.