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Marie Stopes sets tongue wagging with adverts on unwanted pregnancy

Facebook adverts by a prominent hospital chain in Kenya have left many questioning the kind of medical services offered in its clinics.

The adverts by Marie Stopes Kenya promised relief to women dumped by boyfriends after getting pregnant or women whose family planning methods backfired.

The first advertisement was in the format of a photo of a gazelle with the words, “Hata chali yako akiruka ball usistress…we gatchu.”


The second advert was a photo of pills captioned, “Hata zile time P2 zimefail…don’t stress, we gatchu.”


The adverts elicited varied reactions online as most users put the clinic to task to confirm if it was advertising abortion.

The responses from the clinic’s social media administrator didn’t help matters either.

Th admin was vague and urge those inquiring to contact them via telephone for more details.


Only one comment had detailed how “women have the right to decide what happens to their bodies.”


Calls and inquiries from Nairobi News to Marie Stopes went unanswered.